1. OpenSourcing the rigid cross-connect (4Schiit)

    In the previous article I introduced the Rigid Cross-Connect for Schiit Stack. In this article I will briefly cover making your own Schiit Stack Cross Over from scratch.

    Schiit cross-connect

    If you'd like to modify the project you will have to clone or download the KiCad source files which are published on …

  2. Rigid cross-connect for the Schiit Stack

    I really like my Schiit Stack. I enjoy my music through headphones mainly and the Schiit Stack is my source of choice.

    Schiit cross-connect

    What is the Schiit Stack? Chances are you've probably heard of it, but in case you haven't. It's a headphone amplifier solution popular in the hi-fi community. Schiit …

  3. About me

    Hi! I am a computer programmer who's had a lifelong passion for creating electronic gadgets. When I am not writing large cloud scale software, I enjoy designing consumer electronics in my spare time.


    Writing software for microcontrollers takes me back to my humble beginnings. Back when all I had was …

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