Rigid cross-connect for the Schiit Stack

Sun 08 November 2015

I really like my Schiit Stack. I enjoy my music through headphones mainly and the Schiit Stack is my source of choice.

Schiit cross-connect

What is the Schiit Stack? Chances are you've probably heard of it, but in case you haven't. It's a headphone amplifier solution popular in the hi-fi community. Schiit Modi is a DAC, while Schiit Magni is the actual headphone amplifier. These two combined create what's commonly referred to as the Schiit Stack (pun intended jokingly ofcourse).

The DAC converts your computer's digital sound stream into analog signal, and the amplifier then amplifies it to the levels required by your headphones. These two components are normally connected using an RCA cable pair. But I thought this could be improved upon.

I have created a rigid PCB based cross-connect, which aims at being a more hassle free solution compared to the RCA cables.

When I'm adjusting the volume or when I plug my headphones in, since the amplifier isn't very heavy, it is possible for it to slide on top of the DAC unit. The rigid cross-connect helps keep it in place.

Schiit cross-connect

I am making all the design files and the bill of materials public and Open Source. Feel free to manufacture your own. However for your convenience there is also an option of buying this product from the store.