OpenSourcing the rigid cross-connect (4Schiit)

Sun 08 November 2015

In the previous article I introduced the Rigid Cross-Connect for Schiit Stack. In this article I will briefly cover making your own Schiit Stack Cross Over from scratch.

Schiit cross-connect

If you'd like to modify the project you will have to clone or download the KiCad source files which are published on github.

However if you're just looking to submit the existing reference design to a PCB house (OSHPark or similar), the repo contains the necessary Gerber archive.

Keep in mind, if you are submitting the design to a PCB house make sure you pick the thickest PCB available, as the thinner PCBs can flex or break under pressure.

Following is the BOM (bill of materials) needed:

Part                   | Source                                                                                             | Qty
---------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ----
Trough hole BNC jack   |  | 4
BNC Barrel coupler     |                                                        | 4
Liquid Electrical Tape |                                                        | 1
PCB                    |  n/a                                                                                               | 1

You will also need a soldering iron, solder wire, wire cutters, rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

Warrning: soldering fumes are toxic, if you don't have a fume extractor, please perform all soldering in a well ventilated area.

Schiit cross-connect

The two outer through-holes on each connectors are ground, they do not need to be isolated. You can leave all soldering joints bare, however it might be prudent to isolate the middle solder joint which carries the signal. This will provide protection in case you push or lean the stack against a conductive surface.

Schiit cross-connect

If you would like to save yourself the hassle, you can also order a finished Cross-Connect from the online store.

The design is MIT licensed. You are free to modify or manufacture the design, but all I ask for is if you can, include credit attribution to You may contact me via Twitter if you have any questions.